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But while online marketing is affordable and effective, no business, even 100 percent online businesses should ignore offline marketing options. Ultimately, your marketing should involve any tactic that allows you to reach the people who want to buy, whether that’s through Twitter or a business card you tacked to a bulletin board in your community. 

Sin embargo, esta conclusión contrasta con la realidad actual de la mayoría de las ofertas de trabajo en Marketing Online donde, entre los requisitos, cada vez están más presentes los certificados de Analytics y Adwords. En Aula CM ponemos a tu disposición cursos que te permitirán obtener ambas certificaciones: Curso presencial y online de Google Analytics y también el curso de Google Adwords en sus modalidades: presencial y online.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses for evoking memory you know. Certain flower scents for instance often instantly bring back the memories (and feelings) of visiting an elderly relatives garden. The smell of fresh-baked bread, or indeed of freshly brewed coffee, are both perfect smells for evoking a sense of comfort, of perfect home domestic bliss (and work wonders for helping sell property by making the prospects more intimately imagine such domestic bliss in the house). Tapping (even through words) into the emotive power of scent can be like having a line into the emotional triggers of your visitors.

In this seminar, Professional Certified Business Coach Tom Kelly and Internet Consultant Hugo Fernandez will teach you how to tap into the power of internet marketing utilizing online “click through” campaigns to drive pre-qualified prospects to your website, and then convert them into paying customers quickly and effectively.  As an attendee, you will learn key distinctions in the following areas that will transform your ability to significantly grow your business through the use of cutting edge internet marketing techniques:

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For a basic customer profile, you want to know what age group your customers are in, and the male/female split. You want to know where they live, and how far they are prepared to travel or have things shipped. Do they make one-off purchases or have an ongoing relationship with suppliers? How much do they earn and what proportion of that are they spending each month/year?

Despite what we like to think about our to prefer quality and service, the rise of the chain-store, the mass-production and bulk-discount approach has been the single biggest success of the past 3 decades. All over the Western world, small, dedicated businesses based on tradition and passion are closed down by cheaper-priced chains. This can most easily be seen in bookshops, drug stores, tools shops, and especially in grocery stores. The super-market has been conquering these time and again.

Tu sitio web o empresa deben ser confiables para que los potenciales clientes no se preocupen por la seguridad de sus tarjetas de crédito o cualquier otra cosa que se intercambia. Por supuesto, tienes que proporcionar algún tipo de garantía. Una garantía de satisfacción del 100% o una garantía de devolver el dinero va a lograr ganar la confianza del prospecto. Y si tus competidores están ofreciendo una garantía, a continuación, ofrece una igual o mejor.

Te presentamos un resumen y una transcripción de los mejores momentos del debate. Hemos tratado de ser fieles a las palabras de los participantes, pero si prefieres verlo completo te dejamos también el vídeo. Esperamos que te resulte de gran utilidad 😉

Unless you transact business only online, for example, if you are an eBay reseller, you will probably want to include some traditional offline marketing elements in your overall marketing strategy in addition to the elements in your Internet strategy in your marketing mix.

Yes, there is always that element of doubt when we shop around. The idea that if one company can really sell the same thing for x amount, why aren’t all the companies price-matching? We naturally smell cheaper or inferior quality. We sense a catch.

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  1. (e-commerce) Comercio electrónico: imiplica los procesos de compra y venta por medio de medios electrónicos, principalmente por Internet. Se maneja por medio de los “mercados económicos”, los cuáles son espacios de mercado, donde las empresas ofrecen sus productos, servicios en línea y información. Los clientes escogen lo que quieren y lo piden, y realizan pagos por medio de tarjetas de crédito o otros medios de pago electrónico. El e-marketing constituye un medio del comercio electrónico.
    Digo si hay algunas personas que han tenido resultados con esos métodos. ¿Pero cuántas? Es que en serio que tan atractivo es dar miles y miles de presentaciones y estarle rogando a la gente para que vaya.
    Remember that rabbit hole we talked about? In addition to white-hatted rabbits (hehe), there are pandas, penguins, possums, and even hummingbirds. These are the names that have been given to Google’s search engine algorithm updates over the years. Google is like a river: Always flowing, always diverting, always changing. Even the best Internet marketing companies aren’t privy to the secret sauce that is Google’s source code. The best Internet marketing companies collect data, make observations, and then make predictions as to what they think Google will like in the future. What Google will value, prefer, and give weight to.
    Social Media: In an increasingly connect world where consumers expect the companies they do business with to engage with them, social media is an ideal way to interact with prospects and customers.  They key to social media marketing success is to choose the platforms your market is mostly like to use whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Further, because it can be a time suck, you need to develop a plan and use effective tools to maximize your results. 

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